The Teams

Priory Parkside Colts FC Teams

In the current 2023/24 season we have teams from ages under 7’s through to under 15’s competing in the Hunts Youth League, Cambridge Mini Soccer and Colts Leagues and Cambridge & District Girls League. If you need to contact the Managers directly, please use the details below.

U7 YellowGary
U8 BlackRobert
U8 YellowJames
U9 YellowDan
U9 BlackDaniel
U9 WhiteVicky
U10 White (Girls)Jodie
U10 BlackStephen
U10 YellowDennis
U11 White (Girls)Paul
U11 YellowJonathan
U12 BlackSimon Hodgson
U12 White (Girls)Tim
U12 YellowSteven
U13 YellowDean
U13 BlackStephen
U13 WhiteAndy
U14 BlackJohn
U14 YellowGuy
U15 BlackJeremy Salisbury
U16 WhiteFelice

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